Reference & Credentials

We can verify your personal and professional references. For the best results, we prefer to contact the requester before starting the check to determine what you would like emphasized or what the job entails that the applicant is going to fill. Included in our reference checks are:

  • Job skills, knowledge of equipment and programs
  • Understanding of job-relevant processes
  • People skills
  • Other specific areas you need probed

For those applicants who require a professional license or credential to perform their job, we offer verification of state and federal licenses and credentials and will verify that your candidate not only possesses the license claimed, but that the license is in good standing. The information available varies from state to state, but can include license number, date issued, expiration date, current status of license and complaints filed.
Some of the positions that require licenses that can be verified include accountants, attorneys, day care workers, DEA controlled substances handlers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, notaries, real estate brokers, teachers and x-ray technicians. If you have a professional license verification need we have not mentioned, please contact us.