Driving Records

We search the Department of Motor Vehicle records of the issuing state to determine your candidate’s current driver’s license status, and note the date and description of violations on the applicant’s record and any outstanding failures to appear. This is also a source of other names used by your applicant. Depending upon the issuing state’s policies and the federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act restrictions, the information is available for the previous 3 to 7 years. We can also, upon your request, limit the time frame we report to you. We can also determine the status of a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and note overdue required medical testing for a particular CDL.

Because of privacy concerns, the laws in each state vary and change often. Currently driving records are unavailable in one state except for very limited, employment-related purposes. Several states require state-specific signed releases, and some states limit the number of years that can be checked.

Where specific releases are required, we make available copies of the appropriate release on-line for you to provide to the candidate upon initial receipt of the request for a background check. Alternatively, it is often quicker for us to contact the candidate directly by email or fax for these signed releases if you would prefer.

Canadian DMV records are also available, as are selected international driving records.