International Searches & Verification

Just because your candidate may have lived, gone to school or worked outside the United States does not mean you have to take them at their word. We have developed a network of sources that can check criminal records, verify education and employment, and conduct and other searches in over 200 countries outside of the United States.

INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL CHECKS: For criminal searches, some countries have restrictions on what can be reported, often limiting it to felony-equivalent convictions, and a few countries have only the major cities available. Depending on the country we may need additional information from the candidate, most often mother’s or father’s full name, specific addresses and province / state / region.

INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION VERIFICATION: We can verify educational claims in most countries. Depending upon the country and the age of the degree, the searches can take several days to a month or more. Most will require only the same information from your candidate as is required for United States education verifications, though there are some countries that have specific additional requirements. This including India, which requires copies of the diploma, mark sheets or other documents, and China, which requires the candidate’s name written in Chinese characters.

INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION: Employment verifications from outside the United States will require additional information from your candidate. We will contact your candidate for the country-specific requirements. Depending on a particular country’s Privacy Laws, not all information requested can be provided.

OTHER INTERNATIONAL SEARCHES: Depending on the country a number of other searches are available, including credit reports, driving records, professional licenses, drug screens and others. Contact us for your specific requirements.