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Fingerprint Based Background Checks – What You Need to Know

The background check processes and standards for the companies Uber and Lyft have been under much scrutiny since the alleged killing spree by an Uber driver in Michigan this February. According to Uber’s website, all potential drivers must partake in a screening process Read More »

Keeping Information Safe in the Technology Age

One of the largest, and potentially the most dangerous, complications regarding information safety that are faced by Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) is the amount of cybercrime that happens. From phishing to spamming, fraud to identity theft, it seems that no information is truly Read More »

Online Record Keeping – Saving Trees One Court at a Time

It seems that everybody (and every company) wants to be environmentally friendly – going paperless, reducing their carbon footprint – the list can go on. So why is it that many court systems still rely on paper record keeping? Technology has become so Read More »

The Importance of Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Notification

Another company has been hit with a class action lawsuit recently because of alleged improper use of information that was found in a consumer report. This time, restaurant chain Dave and Buster’s has been accused of not properly alerting consumers of inaccurate or Read More »