Employment Verification

We find that specifics of the employment information that candidates provide are often falsified. Our standard employment search verifies the dates of employment and job titles, where available, and salary if necessary, for the three most recent employers listed on your applicant’s resume or job application. This will include the current employer, if the applicant has given written permission for us to contact them, or the immediate three past employers if we are not allowed to contact the current employer.

We can tailor this verification to your needs. You might specify that we verify at most a specific number of years. This way if your applicant worked at one place for a number of years and the previous employers are remote in time or job knowledge, you won’t end up paying for irrelevant verifications. If your applicant has had several temporary jobs between major periods of employment, we can set up your account to verify only the ones you specifically indicate. If you require more than three jobs verified, we will gladly do that for you. If you need salary verified, we can do that as well, although some companies have a policy of not verifying salary and some will only do it after receiving a faxed signed release, which may delay the search completion if the company verifies job title and dates of employment over the phone without a signed release.

We also offer employment searches in over 200 countries.