Education Verification

Studies have shown that education history and degree claims are the most common item falsified on a job application or resume. Our search will verify the information a candidate has given you, and we will verify if a degree was awarded, if the candidate attended the school claimed, and we will note if a school is a diploma mill.

While we can customize the search to your requirements, our standard education search verifies the highest degree awarded in the United States or Canada. If your applicant is currently enrolled and working towards a higher degree, the current enrollment dates and degree program will be verified. If no degree has been earned or claimed, we will verify attendance dates at the last school attended. If requested we can obtain transcripts from some schools. We can also tailor this search to your needs by verifying all or selected degrees, certificates and extension classes, and high school graduation.

We also perform education verification in over 200 countries around the world. Please contact us for the specifics including turnaround time, price and special requirements for any particular country you require.