Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting is a Consumer Reporting Agency offering our clients customized, comprehensive, compliant screening services and exceptional customer service nationwide. We offer a full range of background screening and credit reporting services; including employment, tenant, volunteer and business-to-business solutions.

As your risk management partner, we will provide you with the tools you need to protect your assets and limit your liability. We understand that an effective screening program is an integral part of creating a safe and productive business. At Advanced Reporting we recognize that every business is unique and we focus on providing each client with a customize solution to meet their business needs.

Let Advanced Reporting help you simplify and customize your risk management program. You can access our services via the internet through our secure website or fax your requests to our dedicated and friendly staff. Our reports are competitively priced, with no annual fees or minimums. Customer service and flexibility remain our top priority. We work with each client to provide them with a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for reducing risk and limiting liability.

When you choose Advanced Reporting for your background screening needs, we will provide prompt and accurate information to enable you to make risk management decisions with confidence.