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Ban the Box Violations Can Cost You

With more states and cities adopting ban the box laws, it is important for employers to review state and local laws regularly to ensure they are remaining in compliance. Ban the Box laws serve to provide individuals who have felony or misdemeanor convictions Read More »

San Francisco to Tighten Restrictions on the Use of Criminal History Information

Excerpted from mondaq.com, by Aubry R. Holland, Renee B. Phillips and Julie A. Totten The use of criminal background checks when hiring employees has become even more limited in San Francisco. On August 13, 2014, the recently passed Fair Chance Ordinance (Ordinance) becomes operative Read More »

Can a pull a credit report before I hire someone?

This is a quetion asked by many employers seeking ways to understand their candidates, identify potential risks and differeniate between applicants.  The answer is, once again, it depends…   There are currently ten states that have laws in place restricting an employer’s ability to use Read More »