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Fingerprint Based Background Checks – What You Need to Know

The background check processes and standards for the companies Uber and Lyft have been under much scrutiny since the alleged killing spree by an Uber driver in Michigan this February. According to Uber’s website, all potential drivers must partake in a screening process Read More »

What restrictions are there on using criminal background checks in the hiring process?

By Ryan Orr, JD, HR and Compliance Consultant – Cascade Employers Association   Due to the potential risk of disparate impact discrimination, the EEOC suggests that employers should not deny employment to individuals based solely on a record of an arrest, charge, Read More »

What is the difference between a hard and a soft credit inquiry?

Every time your credit report is requested the reason for the request is transmitted to the credit bureau.  What that reason in will determine whether the request is a “Hard Pull” that will show as an inquiry on your credit report or a Read More »

Can a pull a credit report before I hire someone?

This is a quetion asked by many employers seeking ways to understand their candidates, identify potential risks and differeniate between applicants.  The answer is, once again, it depends…   There are currently ten states that have laws in place restricting an employer’s ability to use Read More »