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Prism 2018

Thank you to everyone for showing up and stopping by at Prism 2018. We hope you enjoyed some coffee or tea, and stopped by the Advanced Reporting booth! In case we missed you, feel free to reach out and we will be happy Read More »

Possible Changes Ahead for Portland Landlords

On September 20th, an ordinance will be brought to the City Council that will discuss a limit on security deposits landlords can require as well as limiting the use criminal and credit history for potential tenants. In an article from OregonLive.com, it is Read More »

Can a pull a credit report before I hire someone?

This is a quetion asked by many employers seeking ways to understand their candidates, identify potential risks and differeniate between applicants.  The answer is, once again, it depends…   There are currently ten states that have laws in place restricting an employer’s ability to use Read More »

Why doesn’t my credit report have a score?

Your credit score (aka risk score, risk predictor, etc) means a numerical value or a categorization derived from a statistical tool or modeling system used to predict the likelihood of certain credit behaviors.  Basically this means there very complicated math problems that look Read More »