Five Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Facebook

Facebook is the largest online social network, so it can be a great tool for your organization, with the right strategy. Here are five tips to help you use it to enhance your communications strategies, expand your network, strengthen relationships with your constituents, increase awareness of your cause, and raise money?


1. Share your story

  • Share your mission and story in a personal way.
  • Include pictures, videos, and any other applications to highlight the work you do—put a “face” on your story.
  • Invite supporters to contribute their own photos, stories, and videos.


2. Engage and grow your community

  • Ask questions, encouraging members to share feedback, stories, and insights. Find 16 ways to ask questions on Facebook in this article by John Haydon.
  • Respond to wall posts.
  • Interact and join the conversation on other organization’s pages.

3. Fundraise online

4. Raise awareness and promote your cause

  • Create content worth sharing—as more members share, more people learn about your organization and the work      you are doing.
  • Use events and tabs to promote upcoming events.

5. Drive traffic to your website or e-communications

  • You will want to direct people to your website, eNews, and other online communications. Encourage and make it easy for people to sign up and subscribe directly.
  • Include social sharing features on your website and electronic communications using widgets.
  • Add a link to your Facebook page to your email signature.
  • Add an eNews subscription tab to your Facebook Page.

This piece was excerpted from a posting on the Nonprofit Association of Oregon website. For more on Facebook and other social media tools, read the complete post at