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Fingerprint Based Background Checks – What You Need to Know

The background check processes and standards for the companies Uber and Lyft have been under much scrutiny since the alleged killing spree by an Uber driver in Michigan this February. According to Uber’s website, all potential drivers must partake in a screening process that includes criminal and driving history checks. However, many cities have requested that all Uber and Lyft drivers undergo a fingerprint based background check, similar to those their taxi drivers are required to complete. What makes the fingerprint background check favorable to a ‘traditional’ background check? Turns out, they might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

While the FBI database is one of the largest criminal records databases, it is also widely known that it is not the most complete search. The FBI relies on the timely reporting and transfer of criminal records and fingerprinting cards to stay current and comprehensive. One of the biggest hurdles with fingerprint background checks is that not all state and county criminal records databases attach the fingerprint card to the file, and if they do, the FBI standards for fingerprint cards are very high and many do not make the grade for inclusion in the FBI search. This means that many records that would be found by a name and date of birth search would not be found with a fingerprint search.

The NAPBS put out a Myth and Myth Busting article to help clarify what information you get from a fingerprinting background check. Follow the link below to view the full article, and contact Advanced Reporting for any questions you have regarding the background screening process.