Verification & Reference Solutions

Employment Verifications

Some applicants may be less than truthful about their employment history and ability to meet their obligations.  Our investigators contact current employers to verify the employment and salary information provided by your applicants. Although information provided varies based on employer policies, information reported includes employment dates, title and salary. This factual employment data is most often obtained from Human Resources or Payroll staff.

Rental History/Landlord References

Contacting current and former landlords can be one of the most valuable tools in evaluating your applicant’s responsibility, attitude and ability to pay.  Past behavior is an excellent indicator of future performance.  Our investigators seek rental history information directly from current and former landlords.  Though the information returned varies based on company policy our inquiries include move in and out dates, rent amount, payment history, lease terms, notices issued, complaints, roommates, pets, monies owed and eligibility to re-rent.