Civil & Eviction Record Solutions

State Eviction Locator

An eviction record can provide meaningful information about the prospective tenant. Our State Eviction Locator searches a database of public eviction records for the state(s) in which the applicant resides and returns records that match the information provided for your applicant.  Our investigators review all the possible matches, indicate positive matches and return for you only those possible records that could be your applicant.  It is important to note that eviction records in many states do not contain additional identifying information and possible matches based on name only may be returned.  These records should not be used when making a decision regarding an applicant without confirming the identity of the defendant first.

County Civil Records Searches

Civil cases originate at the court in which they are filed and most civil and small claims cases are adjudicated in county courts.  Court structures do vary from state to state and often a direct request to the court clerk or a physical visit to the court is the only method for investigating civil records when no electronic access is available.

Bankruptcy Record Searches

Bankruptcy cases cannot be filed in state court and are adjudicated in one of the 94 federal district bankruptcy courts throughout the country.  Our investigators will search all federal bankruptcy courts and can return any records filed within the last ten years.