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Online Record Keeping – Saving Trees One Court at a Time

It seems that everybody (and every company) wants to be environmentally friendly – going paperless, reducing their carbon footprint – the list can go on. So why is it that many court systems still rely on paper record keeping? Technology has become so central and vital to society that many people do not believe that some courts still hold paper records.

Each jurisdiction has their own reasons, but it mainly comes down to time and money. It is a very long and painstaking process to convert paper files to digital. Not only that, but they have to pay someone new to input these records, or take a person away from their normal duties, reducing their ability to serve the public in their assigned roles. Even with these challenges, more and more courts are switching to online record depositories every year.

Not only is moving to an online database for court records more environmentally friendly, when courts transfer to an online repository for their records, it means faster turnaround times because Consumer reporting Agencies (CRAs) can have direct access to the files. Faster turnaround times means you get your completed reports quicker and can make the onboarding and hiring process faster to grow your workforce at the speed you need.

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