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How Financial Education Can Make You Landlord of the Year

Recently we heard about this fabulous case-study in community partnerships and wanted to pass it on.


In Salem, Oregon Maps Credit Union has partnered with area property managers to provide financial education courses to tenants.


The courses are provided at no charge to tenants or property managers, and they used nationally certified curriculum targeted at providing attendees with a well-rounded education in managing money, using credit wisely, and other important financial topics. The training is offered in a four-class series over a period of days or weeks, although the sequence and topics can be tailored to meet your tenants’ needs.


Participating property mangers are realizing significant benefits by creating more financially responsible tenants who appreciate having a landlord that will go the extra mile for them.


If you would like to offer this no-cost, high-benefit training for your tenants, contact Maps Credit Union’s Community Development Officer, Mitzi Smith, [email protected]. Not in the Maps service area? Find a local credit union and contact their community development or business development team — they will be happy to help.