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Credit Union Elert – Fall 2012

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Why Happiness at Work Trumps Engagement Every Time

By Chris Cook, Capiche
The concepts of happiness, engagement, and satisfaction are related, yet very different different. One thing is certain: happiness is a stronger predictor of performance than engagement or satisfaction.

Getting to Know Investigator Diane Bertram

We continue our ongoing series of employee profiles with investigator Diane Bertram, who has been with Advanced Reporting since 1998.

Be Careful Out There

By Andrew R. McIlvaine

For companies that want to learn more about their job candidates’ online activity without risking a lawsuit, using a third party to filter this information can be an effective method. But even when using a third party, experts warn, legal landmines remain afoot. 

Look for a provider that follows FCRA and other legal requirements to ensure that you are protected.

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