Consumer Credit Solutions

Credit Report and Score

By accessing one of the major credit bureaus an actual consumer credit report is provided and FICO risk score generated for tenant screening or credit granting purposes.  The detailed tradeline, judgement, lien and bankruptcy information reported will help you determine your applicants’ ability to meet their obligations.  This information is presented in a simple, easy to read format and our system can also generate a summarized “scorecard” based on your own rental criteria.

Employment Credit Report

Credit reports offer insight into an applicant’s reliability and a sense of their personal responsibility.  For sensitive positions involving financial information credit reports can also alert an employer to potential risks related to fraud and theft.  Consumer credit reports for employment purposes do not include risk scores.  Reports include tradeline, judgement, lien and bankruptcy information in a simple, easy to read format.  The name address and employment information may also contribute to substantiating the identity of your applicants.

It is important to note that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recommends the consideration of credit information in employment decisions only when credit history is clearly job related and several states, including Oregon, have banned the use of credit reports for employment purposes. US Code Title 11 prohibits a private employer from employment discrimination solely on the basis of a bankruptcy filing.