ID Substantiation Solutions

Social Security Number & Address Validation

Our Social Security Number (SSN) Trace is an important pre-hire investigative tool.  The SSN Trace authenticates that the social security number provided by your applicant is associated with an individual of the same name and the approximate date of issue range aligns with your applicant’s birth date. The address history corresponds with the areas of the country where your applicant has lived, worked, attended school, or spent other significant time.. The SSN Trace may reveal use of multiple SSN and/or aliases (AKA’s). Criminal records may be searched using AKA’s found; previous locations of residence may be used to determine additional jurisdictions for criminal record searches.  A criminal search is only as good as the information available and the SSN Trace is a critical component of a comprehensive background check.

Consent Based SSN Validation (CBSV)

The only available true Social Security Number (SSN) validation, CBSV verifies whether a name and SSN combination match the data in Social Security Administration (SSA)  records. The submitted information is matched against the SSA Master File of SSNs. The matching elements include SSN, name, date of birth and, if available, gender and death indicator.  Searches will return a yes or no code verifying whether or not it matches SSA records.  A specific SSA consent form is required.

E-Verify and Form I-9

For employers determining and documenting your workforce’s eligibility to work in the United States can be a burdensome and costly process, particularly if it is not done right.  Our E-Verify and electronic Form I-9 interfaces make authenticating and documenting your new hire’s eligibility to work status a snap and will lead to pain and error free audits.