Volunteer Screening

Advance your risk management program with our Volunteer Background Screening Solutions

Screening volunteers for the safety of your organization and those you serve.

As an organization that depends on its volunteers, Advanced Reporting will partner with you to provide customized screening solutions in support of your mission. The time and experience your volunteers contribute is critical to your operation, but they also present risks you can’t afford to ignore.

Our simple, powerful screening tools and dedicated investigators make risk management easy and affordable for you and your volunteers.

  • ID Substantiation: Your relationship with your volunteers begins by knowing who your applicants really are. Our solutions will insulate you from the dangers of ID theft and fraud.
  • Criminal Records: When you allow your volunteers to represent your organization you will place them with confidence with our searches in hand.
  • Driving Records: Placing volunteers behind the wheel on your behalf is a risk. Our searches will provide you with the valuable information you need to mitigate it.
  • Professional Credentials: Don’t wait for dishonesty to appear on the news. With our verifications you will know which applicants truly have the education and experience you are looking for.
  • Information Security: Don’t let your screening program become an administrative burden or a security risk. Our simply, powerful screening tools allow you to manage the whole process securely and efficiently