Tenant Screening

Advance your experience with our customized Tenant Background and Credit Screening Solutions

Screening tenants for the protection of your community and your investment.

As a property manager, Advanced Reporting will partner with you, regardless of your size, to provide information to help limit your risk and avoid potential problem tenants. Our simple, powerful screening tools and dedicated team of investigators will save you time, trouble, and expense—now and in the future—by doing the screening leg work for you.

Advanced Reporting offers of full range of tenant screening services that can be tailored to your business.

  • Consumer Credit: Our credit reports will give you insight into your applicants’ financial fitness and responsibility and help you determine their ability to meet their rent obligations.
  • Criminal Records: When you make decisions with our searches in hand you will rent with confidence knowing you are protecting your community and your investment.
  • Verifications and References: The most valuable information often comes straight from the source. With our verifications you will know which applicants truly have the income and rental history you are looking for.
  • Civil and Eviction Records: Tenants can and do abuse the system. Our eviction, small claims, civil and bankruptcy searches can help you identify “Professional’ tenants before they take advantage of you.