Student Screening

Advance your student screening program with our Student Background and Drug Screening Solutions

Screening students for security today and success tomorrow.

As an institution that thrives on the success of your students, Advanced Reporting will partner with you to provide customized screening solutions that contribute to a safe community, comply with the requirements of your partners and respect the privacy of your students.

Simple, powerful tools allow you to efficiently and effectively manage screenings across multiple programs. Our dedicated investigators make risk management easy and affordable for you and your students.

  • ID Substantiation: Confidence in students begins by knowing who your applicants are. Our solutions will insulate you from the dangers of ID theft and fraud.
  • Criminal Records: When you make placement decisions with our searches in hand you can have confidence that your institution’s reputation is safe.
  • Drug Testing: Over 60 percent of adults with substance dependence or abuse issues are employed full-time. Our nationwide solutions will help you identify potential problem students before they hurt themselves or your institution.