Screening Solutions

“What you don’t know can hurt you!”

You’ve chosen to screen to protect yourself, your clients and your business, now choose the company that can provide you with prompt and accurate information and the highest level of customer service. Advanced Reporting is dedicated to supporting our customers by offering customized screening solutions for every business.

Employment Screening Services | Advanced Reporting has been providing financial institutions, HR consultants, staffing agencies, government affiliates, non-profit and private businesses with employment screening reports since 1997 and are fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Advanced Reporting also provides real-time Federal records and criminal records from any county in the United States, current and previous employment verification, drug screening, education verification, motor vehicle records, SSN solutions, Sex Offender Registry, OFAC SDN, and Blocked Person Anti-Terrorism list searches.

Tenant Screening Services | Advanced Reporting has been helping landlords limit their risk by identifying potential problem tenants since 1997. We save you time and trouble, now and in the future, by doing the screening leg work for you. We can provide you with your applicant’s credit report, criminal records, eviction history, and SSN verification in real time. Employment verifications and current and previous Landlord reference checks are also available. Tenant rating models can be tailored to your individual specifications. All of our reports are available online or via fax.

Volunteer Screening Services | Advanced Reporting provides organizations with a full suite of volunteer screening solutions customized to meet the unique challenges of mitigating risks while attracting a robust volunteer force.  When working with vulnerable populations a comprehensive criminal background check is critical for protecting your organization and your clients.  You also have a responsibility to protect the financial health of your organization and our reference and verification services will help you recruit a board with the qualifications to take you where you want to go.

Business Screening Services | Advanced Reporting recognizes that who you do business with can be as important as who you employ. Maximize your risk management program with our business screening solutions. We offer a variety of business credit reporting options and verification services as well as criminal, civil, small claims, bankruptcy and sanction searches. Advanced Reporting will help you develop a customized program for evaluating your third-party relationships.