Professional Credential Solutions

Employment Verifications

Some applicants may be less than truthful about their employment history.  An employment verification can differentiate honest mistakes from truly egregious attempts to further oneself through blatantly inflated claims of salary and responsibility, or even attempts to cover up significant gaps in employment which should otherwise be explained.  Our investigators contact current and/or previous employers to verify employment. Although information provided varies based on employer policies, information reported includes employment dates, title, salary, reason for termination and rehire status. This factual employment data is most often obtained from Human Resources or Payroll staff.

Under federal and/or state law, certain positions in selected industries are regulated and carry unique employment verification requirements. For example, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires special questions be asked of DOT regulated employers. Regulated employment verification requirements vary by position and industry.

Professional Reference Interviews

Contacting former co-workers or supervisors can help you gain additional insight on your applicant’s work ethic, abilities, accomplishments, past performance and reliability. Results may offer insight into the candidate’s trustworthiness, reliability, competency and integrity.  Our investigators seek job performance information and ask your customized questions.  Former supervisors are often the best source for obtaining job-performance comments, though information provided varies based on company policy.

Education Verification

If your organization has developed minimum requirements, position responsibilities or compensation packages or is making decisions based on academic qualifications an education verification confirms school(s) attended, diplomas, degrees & certificates awarded, dates of attendance, and additional information as available.  Grade point average (GPA) verification and transcripts are available as well.

Professional Licenses and/or Sanctions

Confirm that your applicant has the qualifications you are hiring them for.  Our investigators will contact the issuing state authority to verify professional license status. When available, date of issuance and expiration are provided along with any disciplinary action on file. We also provide industry specific searches of sanction and debarment lists and enforcement actions including OIG, GSA, NCUA, FDIC and many more.  Examples of a professional license include certified public accountants, medical practitioners, insurance agents and attorneys.