Juniper Networks Contractors


Juniper Networks requires all contractors and contingent workers obtain and successfully pass a background check prior to being allowed access to Juniper’s facilities and resources. Juniper Networks will not pay for these background checks, the cost is the responsibility of the contractor/contingent worker. You can charge the costs against a credit card, or, with prior approval, arrangements may be made to bill you against a corporate purchase order (for US residents only). Current pricing is found as Attachment A to the Service Agreement, below.


Getting started with Advanced Reporting is a quick and simple process that can be done completely online. There are no set-up fees, no monthly maintenance fees, and no commitment to use our services.

  • You must first complete and sign the Service Agreement. to establish your account. This needs to be done only once to create the account, although it may need to be updated as your information or requirements change. It will let us know exactly how you want us to configure your account and who requires access and their level of access.
  • We will, once we have received your completed Service Agreement, vet your right under Federal and State laws to order and obtain background reports.
  • We will create your account and send the people who need access their user log in names, password, and instructions on how to order and view their background searches online. We will also provide them with a copy of the federally mandated Notice to Users of Consumer Reports and other documents they will need.
  • If your company has already established an account with Advanced Reporting for background checks but are not set up to request Juniper Networks background checks you won’t need to re-execute the Service agreement as the Juniper search package can be easily added to your exisiting account. Send an email to to request adding the Juniper Networks report package.


  • In the Master Services Agreement (MSA) between your company and Juniper Networks you were provided with a copy of the Juniper Networks Adjudication Guidelines. They were supplied for guidance purposes only in order to assist you in identifying the factors to be reviewed when considering restrictions on employment, access to Juniper premises and/or access to Juniper’s network and you are responsible for evaluating whether that individual should be permitted to work on Juniper Networks premises and/or access Juniper’s network.
  • When the background check has been completed, the person who is authorized at your company to receive the reports will be sent a secure link to the completed report which will include our noting that either the report meets Juniper’s standards or there are items on the report that need review.
  • Once you receive the completed background report you must reviewed the Adjudication Guidelines and the background report and if you determine that there is no reason that the individual should be excluded from access to Juniper premises or equipment you must complete and send to Juniper a Certification of Background Check that is also found in your MSA.

The Background Screening requirements are as follows:

US Based Candidates:

  • National Alias & Criminal Records Locator – includes SSN Trace to generate address history and aliases, searches all associated aliases, multi-jurisdictional database, OFAC Search included
  • Criminal records search — Juniper Networks requires a misdemeanor and felony criminal record search in every county identified by the Social Security Number Trace, for each of the names used during the prior seven years. Turnaround is generally 3 business days or less but can take longer depending upon the policies of the particular courts being searched.
  • International Criminal Records search will be conducted if candidate has lived outside of the US in the past 7 years.
  • DMV Record Verification will be performed on an as needed basis.

Internationally Based Candidates:

  • International Criminal Records – covering the past 7 years of address history.
  • OFAC Search

Fill out our Service Agreement.