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Social Security Number & Address Validation – Our Social Security Number (SSN) & Address Validation (aka SSN Trace) is an important investigative tool. The SSN & Address Validation is a supplemental tool for locating additional names and addresses linked to the applicant and is used to help determine the location and scope of the criminal searches.

Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV) – The only available true Social Security Number (SSN) Verification, CBSV allows private businesses to verify that the name, Date of Birth and SSN obtained from a consumer match the data in Social Security Administration (SSA) records. Searches will return a yes or no code stating whether the information entered matches SSA records. A specific SSA consent form is required and the CBSV does not fulfill an employer’s post-hire SSN verification obligations.

Criminal Record Locators – Our National Alias Locator is a combination search that begins with an SSN Trace and then runs the primary name and any aliases generated by the SSN Trace against a multijurisdictional database of records from across the United States. This search helps ensure a comprehensive screen for your applicants. The secondary source information in the databases utilized can include records obtained from state and/or county courts, law enforcement and corrections entities as well as sex offender registries nationwide. This tool often assists in identifying criminals when the original court record may not be available or when the offense occurred in a location not directly associated with the applicant. All possible records located through this search are confirmed live with the record source before they are reported.

County Court Criminal Records Searches – Our County Criminal searches identify and return felony and misdemeanor charges that result in a disposition of guilty or convicted. Criminal cases originate at the court in which they are filed, and most felony and misdemeanor cases are adjudicated in county courts. Court structures and access vary from state to state so turnaround times and scope will vary based on whether we have electronic access to the information or must send a researcher to the court. Some states have unified systems utilized by all the county courts throughout the state and allow us to provide you with statewide results for the cost of a single search.

Federal Criminal Records Searches – Crimes tried in the Federal Court system typically involve violations of the Constitution or federal law or crimes that cross state borders. These crimes may include tax evasion, embezzlement, bank robbery, kidnapping, mail fraud and other violations of federal statutes. Federal criminal convictions do not appear in any other criminal record searches; therefore, a federal district search is imperative if such records are needed.

Global Criminal Records Searches – In this global community our criminal searches outside the United States aid organizations facing the challenges and opportunities of a global workforce. Criminal justice systems and privacy laws vary greatly around the world, so we work with partners who know the laws and regulations and understand the nuances of each country to provide you with compliant and comprehensive information across international borders.

Employment & Education Verifications – In our experience, honesty issues most often occur when applicants exaggerate their employment and or educational history in an effort to make their application stand out.When you are utilizing this information as part of your hiring decision it is important to know information you have is accurate and complete. Our investigators will verify your applicant’s employment and education history and identify any discrepancies that may impact your decision-making process.

Professional Reference Interviews – Contacting former co-workers or supervisors can help you gain additional insight on your applicant’s work ethic, abilities, accomplishments, past performance and reliability. Results may offer insight into the candidate’s trustworthiness, reliability, competency and integrity. Our investigators seek job performance information and can ask your customized questions. Former supervisors are often the best source for obtaining job-performance comments, though information provided varies based on company policy.

Driving Records – Reviewing an applicant’s Motor Vehicle Record is an important search for those required to operate a company or personal vehicle on your behalf. Our Driving Record check verifies an individual’s driver’s license number, the license status, the class of the license, expiration and issue dates, endorsements, restrictions and points, where available, by conducting a check through each State’s licensing agency. The report also includes violation, suspension and accident history based on the laws and regulations of each state.

Professional License Verifications – Confirming that your applicant has the qualifications you are hiring them for is critical to your hiring process. Our investigators will contact the issuing authority or licensing body to verify professional license status. When available, date of issuance and expiration are provided along with any disciplinary action on file. Examples of a professional license include certified public accountants, medical practitioners, technology professionals, insurance agents and attorneys.

Sanctions Locators – When homeland security is a concern our Global Watch provides a solution by comparing applicant information to numerous government watch lists maintained by the United States, foreign governments and international entities. We also provide industry specific searches of sanction and debarment lists and enforcement actions including OIG, GSA, NCUA, FDIC and many more. All records identified through these locators are confirmed live with the source before they are reported.

Substance Abuse Screening & Occupational Health Testing – Substance abuse in the workplace is a multi-billion dollar drain on US businesses through injury, theft and lost productivity. Our screening solutions leverage the combined testing volume of all our clients to provide you with affordable drug testing nationwide. Rather than directing you to our solution we will listen to your needs and design a customized program for your business. We have experience in underserved rural areas as well as metropolitan “in-network” locales and offer a variety of testing options including urine, oral fluids and hair. We also provide customized Occupational Health testing. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

E-Verify and Form I-9 – Determining and documenting your workforce’s eligibility to work in the United States can be a burdensome and costly process.Our E-Verify and electronic Form I-9 interfaces help automate the process and reduce errors.