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Follow the Advanced Reporting FAQ for our answers to your most pressing questions.

Why doesn’t my credit report have a score?

Your credit score (aka risk score, risk predictor, etc) means a numerical value or a categorization derived from a statistical tool or modeling system used to predict the likelihood of certain credit behaviors.  Basically this means there very complicated math problems that look Read More »

What is an Adverse Action Notice?

Whether you are the subject or requestor of a consumer report it’s very important to understand what an “Adverse Action” is and what that means to you. A consumer report can be a criminal background check, a credit check, the verification of previous Read More »

How do you know who a criminal record belongs to?

The most critical question anytime a record is reported in a consumer report is whether it is referring to the subject of the background check.  Most (but not all) consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) will only report a record if there are multiple identifiers Read More »

Why are there a flags/alerts on my credit reports?

The “Address Discrepancy Rules” set by the Federal government in the Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACT Act) are one of the most common reasons why a flag or alert will appear on a consumer credit report.   The nationwide consumer reporting agencies Read More »