Business Credit Solutions

Business Credit Report

Reduce risk and make informed decisions quickly and efficiently as you evaluate new vendors, customers and business partners.  We utilize the Experian suite of commercial credit reports to provide you with comprehensive, easy to read information to help you quickly identify which businesses to work with and which to avoid.  Results will include a combination of executive summary, risk score, payment trends, days beyond terms calculations, legal filings, collections, trade information, existing lending relationships and performance analysis depending on which report you select.

Business Owner Credit Report

It is common practice for business owners to leverage their personal assets to meet business obligations.  This information is typically available only on the individual’s personal credit history, but a consumer credit report and score do not evaluate the risks associated with the business.  Our business owner solutions from Experian provide the tools to evaluate the proprietor’s financial fitness as it relates to the business.  Business owner reports do not show an an inquiry on the individual’s personal credit report and will not effect their credit score.  Business owner reports to involve consumer credit information and are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other applicable federal, state and local laws.