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Employment Elert – Spring 2012

Home Contact Us There Are Dangers to Heed when HR Recruits with Social Media Social media has certainly gained a foothold in popular culture, with Facebook reporting over 500 million users worldwide. Surveys show that social media is also growing in use among Read More »

Credit Union Elert – Spring 2012

  Home Contact Us We Have Met the Vendor, and It Is Us The credit union industry is going through a radical structural shift. Have you noticed? For the first fifty years, there was not much change in the credit union economic model. Read More »

Volunteer Elerts – Spring 2012

    Home Contact Us Top Ten State and Local Policy Issues To anticipate the public policy issues that nonprofits will face at the state and local levels in 2012, it is useful to review the significant policy challenges and opportunities that nonprofits Read More »

Property Management Elert – Spring 2012

    Home Contact Us Compliance Corner Q: What is an adverse action? A: An adverse action is any action by a landlord that in unfavorable to the interests of a rental applicant. Common adverse actions by landlords include: Denying the application Requiring Read More »