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Where fingerprint based background checks can fall short.

Consumer Reporting Agencies (like Advanced Reporting) are often asked what the differences are between fingerprint based background checks and name based background checks. Fingerprint based background checks are only as good as the databases they pull the information from, and databases – including the FBI’s NCIC – are not known for being complete.

The Washington Post recently posted an article regarding hundreds of thousands of criminal records missing from the database of criminal convictions in Virginia where the database is used for background checks and gun sales. The article states that there are many factors as to how the information did not get included, with the most common being the fingerprints never being taken for record and officers and deputies assuming that someone else has taken care of getting the fingerprints.

This article only details what was happening in Virginia, but it is safe to assume that many other states are facing the same issue. When the database is incomplete, your background check is incomplete, which can lead to unnecessary liabilities.

Name based background checks use the name and other identifying factors to search criminal records directly in the courthouse. Not only are you getting a more comprehensive background report, but there are many factors that have been considered before you see the information, so the quality of information being provided is better.

To read the whole article, please find it here. For another valuable resource from NAPBS that shows the differences between fingerprint and name based backgrounds, click here.

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