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Volunteer Elert – End of Summer 2013


What Is an Adverse Action?

Whether you are the subject or requestor of a consumer report it’s very important to understand what an “adverse action” is and what that means to you. Find out what an adverse action is and what your responsibilities are on both ends. 
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Four Words That Are Shifting Nonprofit Communications and Fundraising

Generational tips for understanding why people give to charities and nonprofits, and how to speak to each group.
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Chamber Supports E-Verify, But Calls for Improvements

Learn more about a new method of verifying potential employees' legal status.
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Non-profit Strategic Planning: Hired Gun, Do-It-Yourself, or a Mixed Approach?

What approach to strategic planning will work for your nonprofit? Tips for figuring it out.
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(End of) Summer Calendar

9/11: Patriot Day
9/13: Stand up to Cancer Day 
9/19: Talk Like a Pirate Day