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How do you choose the best tenants?

Did you know:

  •  that 85% of rental applicants have a credit score in the three lowest tiers of scoring (the national average is 65%)?
  • the more than half of rental applicants are 18-29 years old?
  • that out of 755,000 residents examined in a recent Experian RentBureau study 55,000 left owing monies and the average write-off or collection was more than $2,000?
  • that verifying and using rental payment data in applicant decisioning can help identify the most risky applicants better than using credit score information alone?

Check out the new Experian RentBureau study Risk versus reward: Indentifying the highest-quality resident using rental payment history and contact us if you would like to add Residence Verifications to your screening program.