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Advanced Reporting: What’s your story?

Diane Bertram: I was born and raised in the Puyallup-Tacoma, Washington, area. I am married with two grown children and one very active two-year-old granddaughter. On my days off, I enjoy hiking, yoga, hunting, and riding four-wheel quads with my husband.

AR: What is your background and how did you get into the screening industry?

DB: My career in the financial industry began with a small community bank located in Sumner, Washington. I started as a Teller, then moved to new accounts, consumer and commercial loans, loan processing, and ending with mortgage brokering. After 14 years, my husband was transferred to Salem, Oregon. I applied for any position available at Maps Credit Union (Advanced Reporting’s parent company) and in spring 1998, I was hired by Advanced Reporting. In March 2003, I moved back to Washington State and was given the most incredible opportunity to live and work from home. I am the sole employee at our Washington State branch.

AR: What is it about the industry that has kept you motivated and interested?

DB: Our clients. I strive to provide them the most current and accurate reports they deserve and expect from me. I appreciate the loyalty that so many have given us over the years and the work they have to sharing our company name and services with their contacts.

AR: What about the industry has changed the most since your career began?

DB: When I first began working at Advanced Reporting, about two-thirds of our business was mortgage credit reporting and one-third tenant screening. As the years passed, we no longer offered mortgage credit reporting, and our tenant screening services grew along with our newly added employment screening. With the advancement of technology and the Internet, we now can offer many more services to aid our clients. Of course, all of those changes also brought heavy regulations. We attend monthly seminars to keep us informed and updated with the fast changing regulations.

AR: Why are you so passionate about helping businesses with their risk management?

DB: At Advanced Reporting, we strive to give our clients the most accurate pieces of information so they are able to make an informed decision. We look for fraudulent pieces of information that might make a significant effect on their organization, for example, a fake college diploma or a sex offender who is not allowed to live near children in an apartment complex. I strive to give our clients the most accurate information on every report.

AR: What is your favorite part of coming to work every day?

DB: Each day brings something interesting or challenging. My co-workers and I work as a team and share our ideas, which benefits both our clients and us. And let’s not forget my commute to work every day: I walk less than 100 yards up my driveway to my office and yes, sometimes in my slippers. Very awesome!