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Advanced Reporting: What’s your story?

Desiree Young: I was raised in Dallas, Oregon. I finally moved to the big city of Salem about 5 years ago. I live with my husband and keep very busy spending time with our children (my little’s, as I call them). When not working, I enjoy my gym time, baking, and just watching my family interact. Every day, they are growing and learning, and I get to be the guiding force in helping them become who they are.

 AR: What is your background and how did you get into the professional screening services?

DY: I applied with Maps Credit Union when I decided I was ready for a “grown up” job. I had worked retail and had worked for the Aquatic Center for the City of Dallas. I have learned many new skills along the way pertaining to the screening industry.

 AR: What is it about the industry that has kept you motivated and interested?

DY: Definitely being able to help people. I take pride in the fact that our clients trust our expertise to assist them though their process.

 AR: What about the industry has changed the most since your career began?

DY: When I first joined Advanced Reporting, reports were very basic and seemed to only include a single state criminal history. Over time, with education and advancements of technology, I have seen an increase in the amount of companies implementing screening programs and including things such as education verifications, employment verifications, and reference calls to help ensure the individual will best fit their needs. It’s a great feeling to know our clients trust us to provide them with this information to make an informed decision.

 AR: Why are you so passionate about helping businesses with their risk management?

DY: Knowledge is power. If I can help clients save time and limit their risk by providing them with complete and accurate information, then at the end of the day, I have done a great job, and that is something that makes me proud.

 AR: What changes or challenges do you see happening in the industry?

DY: Social media, which includes things such as blogs, Facebook accounts, and LinkedIn. I think the internet has a wealth of knowledge, some good and some not so good. Social media has the potential of providing employers and apartment managers with information that could put an individual who falls into a protected class such as political affiliation, religion, or disability to a disadvantage even when they are the best “fit” for your company. The industry will need to continue to grow and educate itself so that we can adapt to this new information source.