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Property Management Elert – Spring 2013


Check out this season's elert from Advanced Reporting.

Spring Feature

Evaluating the Updated I-9

Have you seen the new Form I-9 yet? The deadline for adoption by all employers is May 7, so here is the scoop on all the changes and what they mean for you.
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News to Use

Does Oregon Protect Landlords if Their Tenant is a Criminal?

Great tips to help you protect yourself in case any of your tenants engage in unlawful activity on your property.
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How Financial Education Can Make You Landlord of the Year

Learn how a community partnership between Maps Credit Union and area property managers is a win-win for everyone. By offering free financial training for renters, provided by the credit union, landlords are cutting down on late payments and legal filings — and their renters love them.
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Spring changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Final changes to the federal and Oregon leave acts went into effect in March. Are you in compliance?
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Civility Costs Nothing and Buys Everything

The business case for being considerate.
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Spring Calendar

4/22: Earth Day
4/25: Take Your Child To Work Day
5/12: Mother's Day
5/27: Memorial Day 
AR Closed
6/3: National Leave the Office Early Day 
AR closing at 5:25pm PDT
6/16: Father's Day
6/20: Recess at Work Day 
AR closed for lunch 12-1pm PDT