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Property Management Elert – Winter 2013

Winter Elert: News from Advanced Reporting

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Employment and screening formsNew Year, New Policies and Procedures

A new year is a great time to review your compliance with any updated rules and regulations.

We've got some information about updates to your requirements for background screening and FCRA compliance.


Desiree Young, investigator at Advanced Reporting

Getting to Know Investigator Desiree Young

We continue our ongoing series of employee profiles with investigator Desiree Young.

The Housing Market Is Not Only for Homeowners

A lot of time is spent discussing the housing recovery from the standpoint of homeowners. But little attention is given to renters, many of whom may be finding it hard to afford high-quality rentals.

American Progress looks at what policymakers need to do to help renters enjoy the fruits of economic recovery, too.


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