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Advisories and Updates

San Mateo, CA:  We are continuing to experience delays in San Mateo as a result of a court imposed limitation on how many files can be pulled each day, coupled with labor cut backs in the courts.  We are currently evaluating other options in this county to help improve on the TAT, but for the moment we have been advise to expect continued delays with possible records.

Santa Cruz, CA:  We have been advised by our researcher as well as the Santa Cruz Superior Court that we should expect additional delays due to staffing changes within the court. We will be monitoring these delays and keep you posted on any developments.

San Diego, CA:  San Diego has laid off additional clerks and limited their hours for case verification.  Additionally, we have been told that they have been instructed to assist attorneys first, then researchers.  We are not certain of how drastically this is going to affect TAT but we are expecting delays in the completion of our orders.  We will continue to monitor and provide updates as we receive them.

Pima, AZ:  The Justice Court in Pima, AZ is now charging for full DOB’s.  The month and year are all that is being listed while the day must be obtained from the clerk.  The fee to obtain the complete DOB will be $6.50.

Washington State Driving Records:  Effective October 1, 2012, Washington will increase the state fee for their Driver License Records to $13.00.