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We Have Met the Vendor, and It Is Us

Buy CUSO logoThe credit union industry is going through a radical structural shift. Have you noticed?

For the first fifty years, there was not much change in the credit union economic model. Credit unions grew, but the original model of taking in shares, paying dividends, and living on the spread did not change. Credit unions helped each other with operational questions but they remained independent of each other.

Market and financial pressures no longer permit a credit union the luxury of operating independently. Credit unions that do not have a significant number of third-party service relationships will not survive in the 21st century.

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Spring Has Sprung!

It’s time to spring into Spring, that eagerly anticipated time of year when everything is new, fresh, and clean. Advanced Reporting has gotten the spring cleaning bug and spruced up our look with a clean, fresh new logo and website. Check in often to see what we’re up to, and subscribe to our blog for the latest screening news.

When you’re doing your spring cleaning this year, don’t forget to take a look at your screening program. This a great time to review your packages, processes, and procedures to make sure you are getting the most effective combination of information and that your compliance program is in line with current laws and regulations. Call or email us today to schedule a consultation with your team at Advanced Reporting.

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There Are Dangers to Heed when Recruiting with Social Media

Social media has certainly gained a foothold in popular culture, with Facebook reporting over 500 million users worldwide. Surveys show that social media is also growing in use among HR professionals and organizations, specifically for recruiting candidates.

A recent article in HR Executive magazine showed that 73% of HR professionals polled use social media for recruiting. Although recruiting appears to be a great application for social media, this unique tool introduces new complexity, even legal risks, to compliance with hiring practices that need to be explored.

There are several ways to use social media, but there is potential fallout that might be overlooked in our fast-paced recruiting world. You have to be careful about what you might uncover using social media.

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