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USCIS debutes E-Verify Self Check

The E-Verify Self Check (“Self Check”) service is a free, Internet-based application that can be used by a U.S. worker over the age of 16 to confirm his or her employment eligibility. The service is currently available in a limited area while it is evaluated and improved. After the user enters a small amount of information, the Self Check service will check that information against various government databases to determine the user’s work eligibility in the United States.

The Self Check service enables U.S. workers to use the same information that employers enter into E-Verify and check it against the same databases that E-Verify checks. It was developed to allow U.S. workers to confirm their own eligibility to work in the United States and deal with any potential data mismatches that may be found before being hired and checked by an E-Verify participating employer.

No one can require you to use E-Verify Self Check to guarantee your work authorization. For example, it is unlawful for a current or potential employer to require you to provide them with proof of your positive E-Verify Self Check result in order to keep, accept or be offered a job. Additionally, a positive E-Verify Self Check result should not be a condition of membership into any group or organization, and is not to be required for receipt of any benefit, service, or good from a Federal, state or local agency or a private party.

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