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Background Screening for Employees

Advance your risk management program with our

Employee Background Screening Solutions

Screening your employees for better hires today and a stronger business tomorrow.


As an employer, Advanced Reporting will partner with you to provide industry-specific screening solutions to protect your business and enhance the quality of your hiring decisions.


Whether you are implementing a program for the first time or evaluating your current processes and procedures, the Advanced Reporting team will help you craft a comprehensive, cost-effective, and compliant screening program customized for you.


 ID Substantiation: Knowing your employees begins by knowing who your applicants really are.  Our solutions will insulate you from the dangers of ID theft and fraud.

Criminal Records: When you make employment decisions with our searches in hand you will hire with confidence.

Professional Credentials: Don’t wait for dishonesty to appear on the job.  With our verifications you will know which applicants truly have the education and experience you are looking for.

Driving Records: Placing employees behind the wheel is a risk.  Our searches will provide you with the valuable information you need to mitigate it.

Consumer Credit: Our employment specific reports will give you insight into an applicant’s personal financial responsibility when that information is clearly job related.

Drug Testing: Over 60 percent of adults with substance dependence or abuse issues are employed full-time.  Our nationwide solutions will help you identify potential problem employees before they hurt your bottom line.